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Abs of Steel

Exercise Core

By: Kristy Leconte


Need I say more? Everyone like a good set of abs! So why not give them there own post! 


First what are the "ABS"


Rectus abdominis 

External Oblique

Internal Oblique

Transverse abdominis

What do they do… besides look great in a bathing suit?

They support the “trunk”. 

Their job- flexion (think sitting up in bed) and rotate the spine (turning and reaching into the back seat for your rice cakes)

Also, they help in breathing and all bathroom habits. 


I can't emphasize great posture enough. To encourage this I would recommend at least 3 different abdominal/ “core”/ “powerhouse” exercises to be included in your workouts.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO MAKE SURE YOU STRENGTHEN YOUR BACK JUST AS MUCH AS YOU DO YOUR ABS.   Like any other muscle group it is important to keep the right length- tension ratio.  What does that mean?  In short… you want to make sure all your muscles are pulling/ supporting your bones and joints at the right tension to prevent injuries (think the support cables of a bridge).


Here are 3 of my favorite abdominal workouts you can add to your routine:




Oblique Leg Lift


Knee Up Lower Abdominal


Lastly… we all know you can do 1000 of each of these, but if you aren’t eating right, and doing the right amount of cardio… you’re abs will forever be hidden.  Just a quick tip on this… watch what you drink.  The sugar in your drinks- coffee, soda, energy drinks, flavored almond milk, beer, and yes even delicious wine will add extra calories… which can all lead to extra inches to your waistline. 


If you would like more help with workouts or healthy eating tips email me at .

Until next time! Keep Moving Forward.


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Post Date: Friday, March 20, 2015 3:03 PM
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