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The WHY Behind It

The WHY Behind It

When was the last time you stopped and though about WHY you do or don’t do things?  Here are some examples:

Why do you do what you do for a living?

Why do you eat pizza instead of chicken?

Why do you react when your loved ones says or does X?

Why do you want to be healthy?




My clients may think that this is my favorite thing to say.  When they are having a problem staying on track, the first thing I ask them is WHY?  Why are you not staying on your path to your goal?  Why haven’t you started that goal? Why are you doing this in the first place?

I don’t just do this to them.  I’m  always asking myself why…  Here’s a few of my "WHY’s"

Why was I so scared to do any kind of blogs?

I didn’t want people to think I wasn’t “smart”…. when I spell or read I miss things (you may notice a few here and there that staff might've missed) and I don’t always use the right grammar.  I write like I speak.

When you do something like this you are putting yourself out there for people to judge you.  Being judged is never fun… But whether it's how your are dressed, writing a blog, or walking down the street it’s going to happen.  It’s out of your control what people think or say about you.  I’m learning to have a thicker shell when it comes to this.  Also, I’m not trying to change people’s thoughts as much anymore (a work in progress).


Why do I eat the way I eat?

(Good)- without sugar coating… it’s so much cheaper to cook 95% of my meal for the week then to buy it on the go.  I’m on the go a lot.  I schedule myself with 10 min buffers, so if there’s a line at Taco Bell and I needed to eat I would be screwe (I use to love Crunchwrap Supremes).

And of course it’s healthier to eat a stuffed pepper with quinoa, which helps me feel better.

(Bad)- Because yes even I get lazy and emotional…. There’s days that I want to say “Do whatever,  you’re cool.”  I just want to open a bottle of wine, throw a pizza in the oven and sit down and do nothing.  I’m happy to say there are less of these days than in the past (because I ask the why) but I’m still working on always being “strong."  If I don’t “stay strong/ on my path”  I’m not going to reach my goals…. and that’s what it’s about.


Why I do what I do for a living?

This is not an easy job.  It’s going to sound like I’m complaning or saying poor me… and to you maybe I am, but anyways- My pay is never set, (some months higher some lower).  It’s long hours up early and in bed later.  I’m responsible for people’s goals… but I’m only in control of it for the x hour(s) I see or talk to them…. which leads me to being blamed if they don’t see results.  Oh I know it’s not my fault… but some people still try to say it’s the trainers fault… yada yada yada.

It’s not a long list of negatives, but WHY am I still a personal trainer after 10 years?

Because when you watch someone walk through the WHYs of their life and they put the pieces together… that my friends is the most amazing and inspiring thing to witness.

Stepping on stage for a fitness competition.  Having more self-confidence.  Having a better relationship with their loved ones. Doing a Pull up.  Getting out of bed without pain. It’s all things that lead to them having a more fulfilling life… and I was there to help move them forward.


To put a nice little bow on this… My 1st weekly challenge to you: Ask yourself  WHY are you doing the things you do day in and day out?  No matter what the topic…..

Be honest with yourself… (this can be hard) but once you stop and ask why you can then take the next step to being and doing what you always wanted.  Stop holding yourself back from your greatness.  After you do this send us YOUR WHY to I will be there to help keep you accountable.

 Keep Moving Forward!

Kristy Leconte

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Post Date: Thursday, March 19, 2015 1:14 PM
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